Busbars made in Germany.
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Busbars made in Germany

At buzzbar we specialise in busbars, saw cuts and semi-finished products made of copper, aluminium or CoppAl®.

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Simply order busbars

Simply from the digital offer to your fitting busbar in just a few working days.

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Always fast availability

You will receive your busbars according to buzzbar standard within 7 working days.

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The new standard in manufacturing tolerances, range and speed.

With digital offer to your busbar!

We are buzzbar® – an innovative brand of EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenmühle GmbH since 2020. Our company is located near Kaiserslautern in the beautiful Western Palatinate region near Horbach. With our brand, we combine know-how in the production and logistics of busbars made of copper, aluminium or CoppAl® with digital offer and purchase processing. In addition to our busbars, we offer saw cuts and semi-finished products in the buzzbar standard.

  • Copper, aluminium or CoppAl®
  • Semi-finished product range from stock
  • Single pieces up to small quantities
  • Quotations within one working day
  • Receipt of goods within 7 working days from order confirmation


At buzzbar, we aim to establish new industry standards in manufacturing tolerances, product range and speed. For our customers and our own demands, we want to set new standards in the field of electrical busbars – made in Germany.

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Deko Dots
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Timo Kappler Management

"buzzbar is already forming new industry standards, for the clear benefit of our customers."

Tilo Rutz Production management

"With efficient processes and the buzzbar standards, we can start production directly after receiving the order."

Benjamin Petersen Project management

"buzzbar offers easy & fast ordering for our customers and is the expected standard for our industry."

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buzzbar-Team: Florian
buzzbar-Team: Hendryk
buzzbar-Team: Michael
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Our ambitious team guarantees compliance with the defined standards in order to keep improving our busbars. 

buzzbar manufacturing made in Germany

As an innovative brand, we at buzzbar have a clear focus: the efficient production of busbars according to buzzbar standards. The buzzbar manufacturing standards are already a benchmark for the industry today. This enables us to offer competitive prices with consistently high quality. 

The buzzbar manufacturing standards are already a benchmark for the industry today and ensure compliance with standards and tolerances.

Because the real challenge is not high quality per se – but consistently high quality!

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Simply go to the digital offer!

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1. make a concrete request

Simply use our contact form with upload function for your enquiry.

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2. let us calculate your needs

After a successful enquiry, you will receive your personal offer by e-mail within just one working day.

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3. Check offer & order

Check your buzzbar-offer and confirm your busbar order with us by e-mail.

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4. fast delivery and be happy

You will receive your busbars to buzzbar standard within seven working days.

Busbars made in Germany

Do you need a busbar prototype or a small series quickly?

Whether for switchgear, control cabinets or other applications, we manufacture and supply solid busbars according to your design.

Use our contact form for quick and easy quotation and purchase processing for busbars according to buzzbar standard

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