Busbars made in Germany.
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Always in buzzbar standard

Sawing busbars

Sawing busbars – whether single pieces, small quantities or series – we do cuts exactly to size, quickly and precisely!

buzzbar CoppAl®-Halbzeuge
Deko Dots

Sawing busbars with great precision

Do you have special length specifications for your busbars or semi-finished products?

Our experienced staff will help with expertise to solve your requirement. With our modern machinery, we can carry out any type of busbar cut you require.

Our sawing power as a fast alternative

Use our buzzbar sawing performance as a fast alternative to your cutting processes:

  • Sawing
  • Cutting
  • Bevelling
  • Cutting
  • Deburring
  • Mitres

You receive the precisely fitting cut and can simply process it further, either on your premises or on the construction site. Of course, we can also carry out the other production steps for you.

buzzbar Kupferhalbzeuge ab Lager

Individual saw cuts

Whether single pieces or small quantities - buzzbar offers saw cuts of copper, aluminium or CoppAl® for your requirements according to buzzbar standard.


We perform any kind of cut you want!

To our buzzbar standards!

You will receive your saw cuts in buzzbar standard within 4 to 7 working days.

No problem for the buzzbar busbar team. Simply send us your material and we will take care of the exact cutting of your choice. We recycle the waste pieces or send the leftovers back to you with the goods.

Please contact us in advance for a quote.

Busbars made in Germany

Do you need a busbar prototype or a small series quickly?

Whether for switchgear, control cabinets or other applications, we manufacture and supply solid busbars according to your design.

Use our contact form for quick and easy quotation and purchase processing for busbars to buzzbar standard. 

buzzbar Kupfer-Stromschiene, gestanzt
Deko Dots

buzzbar manufacturing

Possible Assembly

The buzzbar manufacturing standards are already a benchmark for the industry. This enables us to offer competitive prices with consistently high quality.

The real challenge is not high quality per se – but consistently high quality!

Our ambitious team guarantees compliance with the defined standards in order to further improve our products such as busbars. The buzzbar manufacturing ensure compliance with standards and tolerances.

buzzbar Ikon
buzzbar manufacturing

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