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Electrical busbars for switchgears

Whether copper, aluminium or CoppAl®-busbars – buzzbar manufacture always a perfect fit for your switchgear.

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Simply order busbars

Simply from the digital offer to your fitting busbar in just a few working days.

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Always fast availability

You will receive your busbars according to buzzbar standard within 7 working days.

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The new standard in manufacturing tolerances, range and speed.

When it goes electric, Buzzbar delivers

You don’t have any busbar production for your switchgear in-house and quickly need a busbar prototype or a small series made of copper, aluminium or CoppAl®? Then use our online forms for quick and easy quotation and purchase processing for busbars to buzzbar standard.

Or do you need space in your warehouse and want to save on the stock management of busbars and always order only the required production portion for your switchgear? With our semi-finished product range of standard busbars and saw cuts, you can also order individual pieces or small quantities from buzzbar.

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We are your busbar supplier when things have to move fast!

Thanks to automated processes from quotation to delivery, we are your reliable production partner for your busbars.


This means that your digital enquiry up to fast delivery with us is by no means a thriller. 

The right material for your switchgear

Busbars made of copper, aluminium or CoppAl® are the central distributor in your switchgear. In order to achieve the lowest possible voltage drop or transport loss, conductive materials such as copper or aluminium are used for busbars.

buzzbar also stocks CoppAl®, a composite busbar with an aluminium core and copper sheath.

With the same cross-sectional area, copper offers the best current strength and thus also current density compared to CoppAl® and aluminium. If the smallest possible cross-section is required, copper is therefore the best choice.

If, on the other hand, a low weight is desired, aluminium is the best material. 

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4 reasons why busbars are better than cables:

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Higher current carrying capacity

Compared to busbars, cables have a small surface area and thus lower heat dissipation. Thus, a cross-section reduction compared to cables is possible through optimal geometry.
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Installation comfort

The installation of busbars is easier than with cable systems due to standard lengths and few fastening points. In addition, there is no waste. This results in a simpler calculation with less risk.
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Short-circuit resistance

Especially with busbar systems, parallel routing with busbars always results in the same cable lengths, whereas with cable systems, depending on the routing, different lengths with different loads can result. In addition, busbars have a high level of safety in operation and a low fire load.
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Time saving

Busbars save time - with busbars you not only save time during planning, but also during installation and execution of the power distribution.

Busbars „Made in Germany“

Do you quickly need a lightweight busbar prototype or a small series?

Whether for switchgear, control cabinets or other applications, we manufacture and supply solid busbars according to your design. Use our contact form for quick and easy quotation and purchase processing for busbars to buzzbar standard

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