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Always in buzzbar standard

busbar configurator

Whether on the PC or mobile on the construction site – configure busbars in buzzbar standard yourself now and get a quote.

Busbars according to your configuration

With our busbar configurator, engineers, electricians and other professionals have the possibility to configure busbars according to buzzbar standard easily and quickly on the PC in the office or mobile on the construction site, save them and request a quote directly.

Currently, only straight busbars with punched holes, i.e. classic busbars, can be configured with our busbar configurator. If you would like additions or other versions, please note this accordingly in your enquiry. Or contact us by e-mail at sales@buzzbar-online.com.

And so it goes

Simple & fast - Quick guide busbar configurator

Our busbar configurator follows the classic and simplified CAD camera buttons. Taking the camera target into account, the central position of the preview is displayed (by default on the floor at 0/0/0).

Do you have questions about our configurator or would you like to order busbars directly? Then simply get in touch with us:

P  +49 6307 59143-0

Left mouse click:

Interacts with the user interface

Right click:

Rotates the camera around the target.

Scroll up / down: Enlarged / reduced.

Pressed scroll wheel:

Pushes the camera.

Active punching

Save & Load Projects

Width in mm (Y-position)

Length in mm (X position)

Export option
of the configuration

Send Configuration
as a request for

At this point the punching
can be configured. Several
punchings are possible.
Oblong holes can be simulated
by 2 holes close to each other.

Length, width & thickness of the busbar

FAQs busbar configurator

In Germany, the comma is actually used as the decimal separator. In our configurator, please use a dot as a separator.

Example: 0.1 mm instead of 0,1 mm

Several punchings are possible. Oblong holes can be simulated by 2 holes close to each other.

Bends are currently not possible in the configurator. If you would like a bend, please indicate this in the offer form under remarks.

If your punched hole is not displayed, this can have various causes:

  1. You have fallen short of the edge distance.
  2. The hole diameter is too large for the dimension of the bar.
  3. The number of holes is too large in relation to the bar dimensions.

Generally, a distance of 5 mm to each edge is maintained by the system itself.

No punchings can be placed within this edge distance.

The relevant zero point for positioning is in the lower left corner of the component.

From there, the positioning of a punching can be carried out with reference to the centre point in the X and Y directions by specifying the distances.

The theoretically smallest possible step size is 0.1 mm.

buzzbar Kupferschienen gestanzt

Possible applications

buzzbar busbars are used as connecting elements made of copper, aluminium or CoppAl® in high-current technology, high-voltage technology, the electrical industry, the chemical industry, energy supply, renewable energies, storage technology, mechanical engineering and e-mobility.

buzzbar manufacturing

Other possibilities

With our busbar configurator, only straight busbars with punchings can currently be configured. If you would like bends, please add these as a comment in the enquiry. Our ambitious team guarantees compliance with the defined buzzbar standards in order to further improve our products such as conductor rails. The buzzbar manufacturing standards are already a benchmark for the industry and ensure compliance with standards and tolerances. The real challenge is not high quality per se – but consistently high quality!

buzzbar Ikon
buzzbar Stromschienen-Fertigung

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